Pitfalls in Dengue & Solution

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360 thoughts on “Pitfalls in Dengue & Solution”

  1. Those who are interested to update themselves about Dengie this is an excellent opportunity for them.Hats off to Prof.Robed Amin and thanks a lot to Dr.Ehasan Khan who is doing a tremendous job for doctor community of Bangladesh.

  2. Assakamu Alaykum Sir,
    AKI in hemodynamically unstable (either volume depleted or reduced vascular tone) patient is pre renal AKI ( ATN if the course is prolong). Furosemide only could be tried if the mean BP > 65 with or without pressors support. If Criteria of AKI (UOP criteria and or creatinine criteria) fulfilled , patient is significantly volume overloaded (refractory) or refractory acidosis (pH 5) or refractory hyperkalemia (k > 6.5 and or ECG change) persistent and not responsive to furosemide stress test ( 1 mg/kg for diuretic nadir or 1.5 mg/kg for patients those are already on furosemide as home medication) RRT should be initiated (IHD for hemodynamically stable or CRRT/SLED for unstable patient).

    Kind regards

    Dr. Muhammad Abdur Razzak
    Clinical Fellow (Nephrology) , University of Toronto, Canada.

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